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Little Bits

Little Bits is designed around the idea of prototyping This allows students to come up with an idea and create it in a simple and understandable way. Then from there they can expand on the idea. Little Bits lets students walk through a whole design process. They can come up with the idea, build and test, reconfigure and make changes, test again until they are satisfied and start over again. There are several kits that meets the needs of most students.

In the younger grades you can start with simple ideas of circuits, cause and effect, how do things work. And then work all the way up to building your own bits. Little Bits has partnered with several companies and organizations to bring the needed bits for schools. A partnership with NASA helps bring space to the classroom where you can build your own Mars rover.

The bits are each tabled to what they do, color coded to their function, and no tools are required to make the bits work. There are tools to make small adjustments but no soldering, cutting, drilling, etc. Also due to the way the bits are designed a student can not connect them wrong. They are magnetized together.

Little Bits start at a cost of $99 for the basic kits on up. There are several education programs and packages depending on your needs. Educators also get a discount on their purchases. Then of course if you want a specific bit not in your kit you are able to purchase those separately without needing to buy more kits.

See LittleBits in action: