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Coding in schools is becoming more and more of a growing trend due to initiative like "Hour of Code" and the push for females in Computer Science. The multidisciplinary skills students learn with coding is great. Everything from Math, Science, ELA, and more. It covers a huge portion of STE(A)M and can be a lot of fun.

There are so many levels of coding and how you can teach it in your classroom. You also don't need to be a coder yourself to have students learn to code. Working with students on logic and stepping through a problem is a type of coding. Doing a project like having your students code how to win at Chutes and Ladders is programming. Also there are many sites that can help you and have the curriculum for coding already. Sites like are a great resource for all grade levels and they have the activities already created for you.

Having your students start with logic activities and working then up to a compiler like Scratch or Blockly is the first natural progression. Then to have your students go further and start working in Python or C+ and up to Java is really hitting the high end. Stud nets usually won't get to Python and such until later Jr. High or High School. But some students are ready for it earlier. Don't hold them back, when they are ready they also know where to get the resources.

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