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Makey Makey

Makey Makey is a device that hooks to a computer's USB port and by hooking alligator clip cables to it and then to an object that conducts electricity you can control your computer. Each area of the Makey Makey controls another thing on your computer such as the space bar, an enter press, or even letters on the keyboard. You can make everyday objects such as a banana, sponge, or even a person a mouse click or a press of a key on a keyboard.

This device gets students thinking out of the box. Makes them think creatively and also makes the everyday world come alive. Some students have utilized this technology to help create adaptive devices for other students, create games they thought were too limiting on the computer, also helps students get an idea of how prototyping works.

The cost of a Makey Makey is $50. The kit comes with everything you need. The only additional expense I have seen purchased is longer alligator clip cables to be able to do things further away from the computer.

See the Makey Makey in action.