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Ozobots are little robots that can read lines drawn on paper and follow them. When the Ozobot detects color it can do different things such as change a LED color, move in a different direction, spin, and more. Once you have an Ozobot all you need is paper and four markers, black, red, green, and blue.

With the marker you draw a line, place the Ozobot on the line and it will follow it. If you change the color of the line say from black to red the LED in the Ozobot will change to red. As the Ozobot follows the line if it detects a rapid change in colors in the line, those quick color changes called Ozocodes, will tell the Ozobot to do some action. This is so simple you could have students in kindergarten programming in seconds.

For even more control Ozobot recently released their 2.0 bots. These bots can also be programmed with Ozo Blockly. Basically the same as Blockly but it has special instruction sets and upload method specifically tailored to Ozobot. So you are no longer limited to just having an Ozobot follow a line you can program the bot to do what you want it to do.

Ozobot has great teacher resources, lesson plans, ideas, and even discounts. Ozobots can be purchased for as little as $50. They now have classroom kits and more. You can find all the educational resources here in their education learn zone.

See Ozobot in action: