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I have given workshops on SMART use in the classroom more then any other workshop. Many of the items covered can be found in the SMART section of this website. But several useful resources are provided below based on different topics.

Working SMART'er Not Harder - This 50 - 120 minute workshop is geared around someone who has at least a basic understanding of the SMARTboard and SMART Notebook software. We dive into some tips & tricks of using Notebook to make lessons more engaging. We look at things like, click and reveal, magic magnifying glass, erase to reveal and more.

A SMART'er Way to Test Prep - This 60 minute session is geared around showing participants how to use SMART Response to better asses students through formative and summative assessment and to give teachers reports on their students they have never had before at the click of a button. We look at some other tools provided with Notebook to help along with Response.

Working SMART'er with Tables and Recorders - This 50 minute presentation is to help teachers better understand the use of tables in SMART Notebook along with some examples of how to use them. We also cover the use of the page and SMART recorder in Notebook. These tools allow teachers to "flip" their classroom for free.

What's New in SMART Notebook - This session is one of the more popular 45-60 minute sessions for workshops and conferences. This is a quick overview of the latest and greats features being offered in SMART Notebook with examples of how to use them in your classroom. This is an always changing workshop.